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Feel Good Farms is our 2.5 acre homegrown daydream nestled in the hills of Western Pennsylvania, just 27 miles north of Pittsburgh. With the help of our imaginations (and our very own on-site lumber mill), we have crafted the whimsical and intimate event venue of our dreams. Our unique grounds feature 2 self-designed and handcrafted stages, a micro-farm featuring vegetable gardens, donkeys, and chickens, a roaring fire pit, a hot tub, a cozy and creative handbuilt tiny home for guests, plenty of lush lawn space for camping, and a fun and imaginative aesthetic. All of this is wrapped up in a curiously quirky and love-filled vibe which instantly sets the scene for any and all events including, but not limited to, live music events, weddings, baby/wedding showers, birthday, graduation and retirement parties and our favorite reason to celebrate: just because! 


Established in 2014, our mission was to provide folks with a fresh, unique, and intimate place to share what has always been at the heart of our vision: Music. In 2016, we designed and built our main stage and started booking local acts.  In 2017 we added an outdoor, covered green room for musicians and, in 2018, designed and built another, smaller stage to accommodate multi-act events. In 2019, we again used our custom milled lumber to build a unique and rustic tiny home of our own design in which we can accommodate overnight guests. Building each feature from dream to finished product means that the foundation of our venue is our very own heart and soul. We’ve pieced together the art of homemade, heartfelt celebration and as we continue to expand on our grounds we also continue to expand our potential. 

Our inspirations are simple: Life and the celebration of it.  At Feel Good Farms, we cultivate both in any way we can. We boast an abundance of plant life in our vegetable gardens and in the flowers and trees sharing their vibrance throughout the property. We love sharing our land with our donkeys and chickens grazing and enjoying life on the farm. We make and sell eco-friendly products such as homemade organic beeswax food wraps, a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap, and custom milled lumber for creatively styled construction projects of all types. 

The constant flow of ideas and ever-evolving additions make for a venue that’s as alive as you and I. Keep a keen eye on our event calendar and consider booking your next celebration here on the farm.  We’re here to grow good vibes with you and yours.